Take 10

Just imagining yourself better can speed recovery from 30% of minor ailments, according to tests carried our by Professor David Myers, author of Social Psychology. He advises to rid a headache just laugh for 10 minutes. Force yourself to smile or chuckle, even if you don’t feel like it. Doing this will relieve headaches as effectively as a pill he claims.


Avoid waking up with ‘bed head’ hair by sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Satin fabric allows your hair to gently slide across it as opposed to cotton that causes more friction and disrupts the hair cuticles.10008231


Close the loo seat before flushing to stop your bathroom items, including towels and toothbrushes, being sprayed with minute splashes of loo water (ugh!)


Buy smaller dinner plates! We as a nation like our big Irish dinners – by using smaller plates you will give yourself smaller portions and yet your mind will be tricked into believing you are still consuming the same amount. Fill half your plate with salad or vegetables, a quarter with rice, potatoes, pasta, bread or noodles and the final quarter with fish, meat, beans, eggs or chicken.


To avoid muscle strain, take 10 minutes to warm up by walking, rowing or stretching before exercising.


According to a survey conducted by Dove Body Wash, 29% of women feel that their five-minute shower is the only time they get to themselves in the morning. Make that five-minutes really special and treat yourself to some really nice shower products.


Spritz your face with a mist of water between cleansing and moisturising. This will help lock moisture in to your skin for the rest of the day. Leave two minutes for your moisturiser to absorb before applying your foundation.