Swedish couple turns trial into wedding

Together for better or for worse. A Swedish couple accused of stealing a car got married while waiting for their sentence. The 42-year-old man was on trial for stealing a car and his girlfriend, who is 26, was involved in the crime.


The Swedish couple had been apart before the trial and fell into each other’s arms as they entered the courtroom, but nobody in the courtroom expected the trial would turn into a wedding.


When the time arrived to wait for the verdict, the couple decided to ask the judges if they could marry on the spot.


“I marry people in court the whole time, but it is unusual to be asked to marry people who are on trial,” said the judge who officiated in the ceremony. Judges in Sweden can officiate at civil weddings and anybody can marry in court.


The newlyweds will have to wait for their honeymoon though, as the man was given a two-month prison sentence. His wife received a non-custodial sentence.


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