Strike a pose!

“We like to keep our weddings local and our service personal. I can travel, of course, but I feel that a local wedding enables me to focus in on the little things that make our wedding photography special,” enthuses Thomas Sunderland of Thomas Sunderland Photography based in Carlow Town.


Quality not Quantity


“It’s about quality not quantity. We try to concentrate on local weddings and maybe take on three per week. There’s no point in burning yourself out and not achieving the best photographs possible for your wedding couple.”


Thirty-six year old Thomas set up the company 15 years ago and he now caters for 100 weddings each year. In the company of five staff Thomas is the sole wedding photographer.


Own Studio


“The majority of our clientele come to us for wedding photography,” says Thomas. “However, I also have my own studio in Carlow where we are extremely busy with family and children’s portraits. I was delighted that Kodak selected one of my images as Best Portrait at the recent spring judging of their national competition.


“My studio is also where I meet future clients. I can show them a wide range of wedding photos and show them samples of my work. During this introductory session, I also answer their questions openly and get to know them. This interaction is very important and ensures that they are more relaxed on their big day.


“Reportage photography is my personal style and every couple to date have been delighted with the results.”


Sunderland runs a highly modern and progressive company and has invested heavily in state-of-the-art digital equipment. Thomas is quick to point out that digital merely means that the selection of photographs is improved and presented in a unique wedding album containing digitally mastered shots.


Current Exhibition


With a current exhibition in Carlow town of contemporary and traditional images and a cover image on the next issue of The Irish Wedding Diary magazine, Thomas is an extremely accomplished and versatile photographer.


He still prefers to describe himself as a person with artistic licence rather that an artist. “I have worked with many professional Irish models on shoots for the Irish Wedding Diary magazine, for which I am the primary photographer.”


This impressive achievement ensures that his business is booked throughout the year and stays one step in front of the competition.


“There is no busy time as such for weddings, spring, summer and autumn weddings are extremely popular but I am also busy with Christmas weddings so everything is carefully planned all year round,” says Thomas.


Aerial Photography


Aerial photography is another unique aspect of this company. The company has a specialist aerial photographer with a specially toughened stomach for the job.” I’m not sure I’d enjoy taking those sorts of shots but it’s a specialist area and I’m delighted to have it as another diverse area of my business. It gives us another basis to stand out from the crowd.”


So now the business community in the Leinster Region also have the option of using Aerial images for brochures and websites when booking Thomas Sunderland for commercial assignments.


“The best part of my job is meeting all the thoroughly different types of people. Getting your picture taken gives people an extra lift, so I see them as few others do and I really enjoy it.”


Treasured Possession


These words are spoken by a true professional whose work is second to none. The photo album of a wedding is a treasured possession for all wedded couples. It is their one insight into how everyone else saw their wedding day, will bring back treasured memories and is much appreciated by future generations of their family. Thomas’s dedication to the pursuit of excellence in his profession will ensure that his business will prosper for many years to come.