Stress or cold feet?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are set to marry any day in the next few weeks, but press reports indicate it might not all be shiny happy at the Cruise-Holmes’ home. Katie Holmes is having second thoughts about marrying Cruise. Is she getting cold feet?

He jumped on Oprah’s coach shouting he loved her, he assured he would eat his baby’s placenta, he criticised Brooke Shields for treating her postnatal depression†¦ and while Tom Cruise was making all this noise all over the world, his fiancà ©e Katie Holmes didn’t say a thing.

Her parents publicly objected to their good daughter’s engagement to Scientologist ‘guru’ Tom Cruise. They always wanted a white wedding for their good catholic girl. Maybe she did too, but did anybody ask her? That is the thing about being too good.

Now, the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ actress is reported to have ‘doubts’ on her wedding to ‘Risky Business’ Cruise. And it might be ‘risky business’ after all, since the actor has been married twice before and he hasn’t got it right with women so far.

Holmes is apparently ‘not comfortable’ with having her film career cut short by being the mother of Tom Cruise’s daughter. The actor is also said to have Holmes’ films scripts read by Church of Scientology advisors for approval.

Is the actress suffering from bridal nerves, is religion getting on the way or are her feet cooler than normal?

How to avoid ‘cold feet’:

It is normal being nervous before the big day. Relax.
The first thing you need to clarify is if you are stressed about the wedding planning or if you are worried about the relationship. Maybe it would be good to pass on the planning to a wedding planner, to unload some stress.

Spend more quality time with your couple, enjoying some activities together, taking some time ‘off’ the wedding.

Think about the good things and times on your relationship and your partner’s qualities.

But don’t go ahead if:
-he/she has cheated on you,
-there is something you consider essential but you know you will never agree like religion, kids†¦
-he/she has a drug or alcohol problem and doesn’t admit it,
-he/she is violent,
-close friends and family think is a big mistake,
-you are scared of calling it off just because you feel embarrassed,
-thinking about the wedding makes you unhappy rather than excited.