Stress-Busting Tactics Boost Wedding Health

Nobody, least of all your fiance, wants to see the Bride of Frankenstein walking down the aisle. If pre-wedding stress is threatening to do you in, try some of these health tips to get you back on track.

Explore yoga

This ancient practice - like thousands-of-years ancient - focuses on two things: breathing and flexibility. The goal of yoga is to release stress and bring unified calm to mind and body. Be sure to work with a qualified instructor and to let him or her know that you are a beginner and a bride-to-be; you will get the extra attention you deserve.

Get your Z-Z-Z’s

Scientists are only now beginning to learn how crucial sleep is to overall health. Among other things, researchers have recently found that a lack of sleep can cause people to gain weight. What bride wants that? No matter whether you need 10 hours a night or can get by with 7 or 8, keep a regular sleep schedule. You will have more energy, you will look beautiful (no under-eye circles!) and fit into that gorgeous wedding dress.

Eat Nutritious Food

When we say “nutritiously,” we especially mean “no starvation diets!” The only healthy way to lose weight for your wedding is by eating a nutritious variety of foods, watching excess and empty calories and getting plenty of exercise. If you don’t lose all the weight you want by your target date, it’s much easier to get the dress altered than it is to recover your health after starvation.

See your Gynaecologist

Wise brides see their gynaecologists before getting married for a complete check-up of their sexual health. This should include a routine screening for any sexually transmitted diseases, along with a pre-pregnancy check-up if you and your fiance plan to start having children right away. You also could ask your doctor about hormonal alternatives if your menstrual cycle will coincide with your wedding day and/or honeymoon.

Get Your Shots

Whether you are skiing in Switzerland, sunning on Ibiza or headed for Hawaii, in all likelihood you will need to get immunizations before you travel. This is especially true if you and your new husband will be honeymooning in some tropical locale. Get your shots as soon as you can so that any complications can be gotten out of the way before the wedding. Your doctor can advise you on how long the immunization will be effective so you will know how to time your shots.

Strengthen Your Immunity

Nobody wants the wedding postponed because the bride comes down with a cold or the flu. However, pre-wedding stress can really do a number on your body if it’s left unresolved. Strengthening your immune system with vitamins and minerals is the best way to avoid that unhappy turn of events. Eat a nutritious diet, exercise, drink plenty of water and take vitamin and mineral supplements that include antioxidants such as Vitamin C.

Go for the H20

Speaking of drinking water, substitute water for tea, soda and other drinks as your prepare for your wedding. If the occasion seems to call for something bubbly, try sparkling bottled water. Human bodies are more than three-fourths water, and without it, we don’t function well, especially under stress. Plus, water supports beautiful skin and even weight loss. If you do take an occasional glass of wine or beer, drink responsibly.

Get Counselling

No matter how strong your relationship, everyone has anxieties or doubts about getting married. The best way to deal with them is to talk them out, either with a trusted friend or a professional counsellor.

Cope with your pre-wedding stress wisely, and you will be a health bride as well as a happy bride.