Stag Night – Themes



Bad luck. This isn’t just about embarrassing the stag when it’s too late for him to do anything about it. It’s about all of you. But before you burn this book, consider the following


- With a load of you all making an arse of yourselves, you’ll have a right laugh, that’ll give you something to talk about for years to come.


- You’ll get some great original material for the wedding speech you’ve been dreading since the moment the stag asked you to be his best man.


- Women the world over are inexplicably attracted to spending time with any man who exudes confidence and are up for fun, so that should give your stag plenty of opportunities for some harmless flirting while he’s away.


- They will also consider an ugly bloke if he makes them laugh.


Strange but true. It’s the understated balancer; money and a great car versus a washboard stomach and demigod looks, versus a sense of humour. You could look like Bernard Manning and still pull if you can make them laugh. Although, in his case, he’d need a pretty chunky wad of cash to get them slaughtered first. Praise be. Clearly, pulling opportunities are (for the benefit of any girlfriends or wives reading this book) purely for the single lads in the party. But as a great mate of the stag, it’s your duty to give him a send off to remember and reminisce over in the future years, when all he’s got to look forward to are nights in front of the telly with the missus and dirty nappies. Failing that, just treat it as an experiment.


A few words to the wise


First, it is worth keeping the theme a secret from the stag until the last minute to add to the impact. You’ll be glad you did when you see the mixed look of horror and amusement on his face.


Second, if you are going overseas, it’s a good idea to pick a theme that’ll appeal to the locals. A classic would be to head over to Sweden all dressed as Bjorn Borg in his whites- wooden tennis rackets are essential. Naturally, it would be unfair to deny the stag of his moment of glory, and so a blonde wig for him gives him the choice of taking Martina Navratilova or a butch Anna Kournikova along with you too.


And, third, included are some ideas for challenges for the stag on the main night if you’re up to it. It’s probably worth being pretty hammered before you even think about handing them out. A horrendously impaired sense of judgement after an initial drinking warm-up tends