Get busy diapering as many flour children as you can.


Coed/all girls bachelorette/shower


This is a race to see who can diaper the most babies. Players assume the role of caretaker one at a time at a table. Have ready on the table 10-15lb. bags of flour (your babies), a roll of paper towels (your diapers) and adhesive tape (safety pins). Using one sheet of paper towel as a diaper, the caretaker must quickly wrap the diaper around the bottom of the bag and affix with tape. The caretaker then must hold the diapered babe (cradle in arm, hand, between the legs-be creative) while diapering the next infant. The task gets more difficult as more babies get diapered. A player’s turn ends whenever they accidentally drop a bundle of joy.

Remove any diapers on the babies before starting the next player’s turn. After everyone has gone a round, award prizes to the diaper king and queen who successfully wrapped the most babies.

Variation Tips

- Use disposable diapers or cloth diapers and safety pins (no poke into the baby!) instead of the paper towels and tape.
- Seal each bag of flour in plastic wrap to prevent leaks. Reinforce the babies for multiple diapering with a strip of duct tape around the middle of your kiddies (their “wrists”).
- Embellish each bag of flour with kiddie items: a different coloured bonnet, pacifier, or bib etc for comic effect.
- Light a fire under competitors by putting a time limit of 5 minutes or less to diaper as many wee ones as they can.