A good best man with a good speech is essential for a happy wedding. Choose your best man very carefully, as a rude joke or dropping few of the groom’s ex-girlfriends’ names might leave the whole party speechless.


Best men are a potential hazard to modern day weddings. The truth is that giving ‘carte blanche’ to one of your male friends to talk in public about anything he likes, concerning you, is asking for trouble.


If you mix a jokey best man and aperitifs before the reception, your wedding might be in serious danger.


These are some tips to avoid Best Man Hazard and have a risk-free celebration:


-Choose your best man with care.


The first rule to avoid Best Man Hazard is as simple as not to choose a hazardous friend. This should be the first concern. You might want your best friend to be your best man, but you should definitely evaluate if he is really going to do a good job.


-Review the speech before the event.


Or if you want to keep it as a surprise, ask him to give you some key points he will be talking about.


-Work on the speech together.


Help him write the text. That will be a good chance to spend quality time with your friend before tying the knot.


-Set up some rules.


No rude jokes, no mention to ex’s, no drunken stories… you name it.


-No drinks allowed.


Avoid providing drinks before the best man’s speech. If you offer some little aperitif, let it be it: little. That will help you prevent a drinking-buddy style speech that will make everybody feel uncomfortable, specially the bride!


-Get professional help.


Get your best man to hire professional advice to write his best man’s speech. There is a good few websites exclusively dedicated to write speeches, some of them offering texts for as little as â‚ ¬19.
Check out weddingsireland.com speeches section for some inspiration!