Space wedding for US couple

An American couple will be literally ‘over the moon’ when tying the knot in 2009, as the pair are planning a wedding in space!


The couple has got planning help from a space tourism company from Oklahoma. The company plans to start test flights by the end of 2008. The groom and bride are now expecting to tie the knot in space at some point in 2009, as the Austing American Statesman reports.


There might be some legal problems involved as the space wedding might not have a legal effect. There are not known bodies to confer official recognition to a marriage celebrated in space!


However, the couple is hoping to find a loophole in the law to allow the ceremony to be binding.


However, there are some questions about the legality of a space wedding.


The bride Cindy Cashman said to the newspaper “It’s a big deal to us that it’s legal. I went through a lot, my attorney went through a lot, and in my opinion, it’ll be legal. This is history. This is the ultimate adventure. I didn’t know this was going to be possible in my lifetime.”