Soothing Vibrations For Gorgeous Goddesses

Every goddess knows that the best way to look gorgeous is to feel fabulous. With built in ‘soothing vibrations’ the new Venus Vibrance razor from Gillette helps you to do just that. Venus Vibrance gently exfoliates to instantly reveal more radiant skin.


Breaking News
Venus Vibrance is Gillette’s most technologically advanced women’s razor. The unique powered shaving system works using gentle pulses powered by a miniature motor inside the handle making shaving a totally new sensory experience.


A New Sensory Experience
Venus Vibrance gently exfoliates by sweeping away dull dry skin; it not only gives you a fabulously close shave but also leaves your skin looking radiant and wonderfully smooth. Comfort-Coatedâ„ ¢ blades ensure a smooth gliding action over delicate curves and, Venus Vibrance features NEW multi lubrastrip technology. In addition to the natural aloe and botanical oils, these new strips release more lubrication during your shave, helping to prepare the hair and skin for an easy shave, even in those tricky spots such as bikini, underarms or ankles.


New Enhanced Handle
The design of the Venus Vibrance handle features a beautiful pearlescent elastomer grip that curves around the handle to provide extra control and manoeuvrability during shaving.


Bold Fashion Statement
The dynamic Venus Vibrance comes in a beautifully stimulating colour; the fuchsia pink handle is the most vibrant statement yet and is sure to add a splash of colour to your bathroom.


New SatinCare Shave Gel
To add to the sensory experience of Venus Vibrance, Gillette has also launched brand new SatinCare ® Radiant Apricot Shave Gel so you can experience the vitamin-rich, fragrant oils of apricot with new Venus Vibrance for soft, silky-smooth legs.


Brand new Venus Vibrance and SatinCare Radiant Apricot is now available in all major retail outlets- so start the summer as you mean to go on†¦ with soothing vibrations and an exceptionally smooth shave from Venus!