Some Beauty tips for the Groom This Time

groom beauty tipsWeeks before the wedding, brides will be running about, reading beauty tips, choosing their make-up artist and hair style. How about the groom?

Lucky for you, looking good on your wedding day does not involve elaborate hairstyles or choosing the right shade for your make-up. It will however, depend on one single thing: your skin.

Looking good on the wedding day isn't exclusive for the bride. Here are some tips to help make you look good on your wedding day.

  • The number one advice anyone can give to improve your skin is to drink more than 8 glasses of water every day. This will prevent dehydration, as well as reduce any spots you may have on your skin.
  • Cleanse your skin. Do it every night using a cream, or a mild facial wash and warm water.
  • Shave only after baths. During this time, the bristles are soft and easier to cut. Make sure to use a sharp blade and do not use a razor blade more than 5 times. Doing so may cause irritation on your skin. After rinse with cold water.
  • Before you go out for the day, use a sunscreen with a sun protective factor of no less than 15. The sun dries up your skin and prolonged exposure leads to faster skin aging. You certainly do not want to look older than your age in your wedding pictures.

If you have no time to do these things, here are some quick tips you can do a few days before your wedding.

  • Facial - Contrary to what most men think, this  isn’t  exclusive to women. There are many men who enjoy having a facial at a local spa. Get a facial a month before your wedding. Right after your first treatment, you can expect some spots to come out. It will be gone as long as you follow the 1 month rule. It will remove any dean skin cells and impurities, but will allow your skin to be clear on your wedding day.
  • Hair Care- Aside from the skin, you also have to be concerned about your hair. If you plan to have it trimmed, have it done a week before in order for it to settle. On the day of your wedding, add a very light hair spray to allow your hair to stay in one place for the entire day. You can also use a soft wax to hold your hair style in place. Compared to hairsprays, it will be manageable enough for you to push back or to put it back in place.