Singletons die younger

If you are having second thoughts about getting married, you will be happy to know married people live longer than singletons. Being a singleton is not good for you, say researchers from the University of California.


According to a research by the School of Public Health of the University of California, Los Angeles, singletons die younger and their quality of life is poorer than those who have a partner.


Love makes you live longer so people who never marry die earlier than any other group. People divorced, separated or widowed have a greater life expectancy than singletons but still, those who are currently married (we presume it is happily married) have the greatest chance of growing older.


If you are getting cold feet, maybe you should take into account marriage might save you some health issues and visits to the doctor.


Since marriage reduces stress (or so it says the research) and stress accelerates the aging process, the equation is marriage=longer life.


And if your marriage breaks down note that divorcees live longer than ‘never married’ people. Great news all around for brides and grooms to be.


(Picture by TWO photographers)