Romeo, oh! Romeo theme weddings all around

Not everybody wants a “white wedding”. Some brides would like to marry their Romeo in a proper Shakespearean scenario. Fair enough. If you are trying to escape the fate of a conventional wedding this is your chance. Theme weddings are getting more popular among Irish brides and grooms and these are some ideas.

We have all heard about the Elvis weddings in Las Vegas or the Western-Hillbilly style weddings, but Ireland is also surrendering to the charm of theme weddings. They are original and they are fun.

From beach themes to historical ceremonies†¦ there is a never ending list of options if you don’t feel white suits you.

Shakespeare’s Midsummer night’s dream is a perfect theme for a very romantic wedding. “Romeo, oh! Romeo!” could always become “Paddy, oh! Paddy!”

If you are getting married during the summer season, a beach wedding is always good. There is probably a chance of getting wet, but that could be sorted with a marquee. It doesn’t really need to be like Baywatch. You probably won’t be using your bikini but your gown will definitely have to be a bit more casual.

There are plenty of outdoors options, like a garden theme or a tent wedding. A hippy wedding could also be included in this section. And you will save a few euros not buying shoes!

Anything, from your hobbies to your favourite flavour or animal, could be your theme for a brilliant wedding.

Historical weddings are also a good option. Human kind has had such a range of fashion styles that it is definitely worth doing some research on this.

Medieval weddings are usually nice and quite simple, as the dresses are not too over the top. Your guests will not have to spend a fortune getting dressed up. But, is grandma going to feel comfortable dressing up as a medieval village lady? The 20′s, the 50′s, the 60′s, the Victorian era†¦ everything could work as a good theme.

A traditional Celtic wedding with bagpipes and beautiful jewellery is also back in fashion.

There are millions of options.
If you have always dreamt of a fairy tale wedding, go for it!