Robot hosts wedding in South Korea

A robot named Tiro has been master of ceremonies at a South Korean wedding. The robot’s creators claim this is the first robot-hosted wedding in the world.


Tiro the robot was chosen to assist the wedding of one of the engineers who designed it. Tiro introduced the couple to the guests and performed its host’s duties while other robots guided guests and gave performances.
“This is Tiro, master of ceremonies for today’s wedding,” the robot said to the guests.


Manufacturer Hanool Robotics claims it is the first time a robot has been used as master of ceremonies at a wedding. Tiro will be upgraded to perform various other functions, according to Hanool officials.


Robots seem to be taking over important duties in South Korea. Last month, a robot was deployed a school security guard. And last September, a high-tech robot was designed to support troops along the border with North Korea.