Road Test – Spa at home

Road Test – Spa at home


If you can’t get time out to visit the real McCoy (see the Harvest Moon Review under Health Section) then an alternative is to pamper yourself at home. Matis, the well known cosmetics company, has brought out a range of products that are branded under the MatiSpa name. At Weddings Ireland we road tested some of the products and here are our verdicts:


Body Beauty Water


This is truly beautiful. On the bottle it is described as â€Ëœa deliciously refreshing body tonic water from MATIS Paris containing gentle fragrances of lemon, orange and bergamot as well as white musk, rose geranium to give you an intense feeling of comfort, pleasure and well-being’. We found it even nicer. With the recent hot weather, regular perfume can be too cloying. Yet, for a busy working girl, there needs to be an alternative to wearing nothing. It is really suits the new woman as it refreshes like a water spray yet had a very delicate scent too.


Cost: Available at beauty salons nation-wide RRP â‚ ¬40 for 100ml


Marks out of ten – a big ten


Pile-Poil â€" anti-growth concentrate


We have seen quite a few of these on the market but this serum seems to work. We had two volunteers try it out for a pre holiday test. One applied the serum after waxing and the other after shaving. The waxed beauty found the hair did not reappear during the two weeks that followed. This is often a critical period coming to the end of a two week holiday when the bikini line threatens to erupt in public. Our volunteer found she sailed past this potentially troublesome period and did not have to resort to the sarong at the end of the holiday.


Volunteer number two also notices a slow down in hair re-growth on her legs and when it did become obvious it was much softer.


Cost: RRP â‚ ¬28


Both gave the product a big 7 out of ten.


SOS Slimming Fluid


Finally, we tried the slimming tonic. There was a bit of a bun fight over who should do the honours here in the Weddings Ireland team. In the end the lucky winner walked off into the sunset clutching her bottle of Tonicite du Corps. Gazing enviously after her, the rest of us wistfully rubbed our less than perfect bits and wondered what difference a cream might make to our wobbly bits.


Two weeks later, to be honest, our volunteer cannot say if the cream made any difference. Used in conjunction with a newly introduced exercise scheme, our volunteer said she never felt better. The affected areas, while possibly not benefiting directly in weight loss from the cream, were smooth and refreshingly perfumed. â€ËœIt might not make any difference to the slimming,’ said the volunteer, â€Ëœbut I smell nice.’


Cost: RRP 43.50 for 200ml


Slimming capabilities? – not sure. But scent and overall experience: 7 out of ten.