Rick Steins Food Heroes – Another Helping

Rick Stein’s Food Heroes “Another Helping”

In the first series of Food Heroes, Rick Stein travelled throughout the UK and Ireland in search of food producers who strived for perfection and who card more about the quality of their products than about making a profit. Inspired by the heroes he met and the wonderful food hey tasted, Rick has now embarked on a second journey – and television series – to seek out more inspirational producers and to create ‘another helping’ of sensational recipes.

Rick has always maintained that food should be cooked simply, so that the stars of the dish, the ingredients can shine through. His new collection of over 100 recipes is no exception to this rule. From twists on classic dishes to brand new ideas and flavours, each recipe has been carefully constructed so that the best of British and Irish produce can be enjoyed to the full.

Complete with over 100 food and location photographs, Rick Stein’s Food Heroes: Another Helping will inspire you to seek out the very best produce that Britain and Ireland have to offer and will show you how to enjoy it to the maximum – a great read and an even better cook!