Revenge is always served as a cold plate

He dumped her earlier this year and now actress Ellen Barkin is taking her revenge. Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend but it could also be her best ally on rough patches.

Barkin has auctioned over 100 pieces of jewellery, which her billionaire ex-husband Ron Perelman gave her during six years of marriage. The Actress’ revenge has earned her over â‚ ¬16m.

Barkin’s diamond wedding ring was sold at Christie’s in New York for over â‚ ¬100,000. Among the 102 pieces there were also rubies, pearls, sapphires and other impressive ‘rocks’.

According to the media, Mr. Perelman, heir to the Revlon empire, had served Barkin with divorce papers a few days before their prenuptial agreement deadline. Then she and her kids from a previous marriage had to move out of the couple’s mansion in Manhattan.
Barkin has said she was just another accessory to Mr Perelman and that is why she thought the best thing to do with all his presents would be sell them off.
Perelman and Barkin met at a Vanity Fair Oscar night party in Hollywood in 1999. Barkin gave up her film career during her marriage to Perelman because of the objections of her husband. She is now back on the Hollywood scene. She is currently shooting Ocean’s Thirteen, where she plays the female lead, the cast also includes George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Al Pacino.
She plans to use the proceeds from the Christie’s post-nuptial sale into a new production company she is setting up with her brother, George Barkin. Barkin had already walked away from her divorce with â‚ ¬16 m.