Relaxing gifts

Buying presents for brides and grooms is a difficult task. Louise Tallon, from The Haven Beauty and Holistic Clinic in Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow, gives us some ideas on relaxing wedding gifts and treats coming from the sea.


-Holistic treatments for him and her-
Customised traditional Swedish massage, reflexology to activate the body’s self healing processes, Indian head massage, Reiki’s art of healing†¦are some of the treats for the body and soul you could offer happy couple.


-For the groom-
A Tension Back massage would get him refreshed before the big day.


-For the bride-
A full body, face and scalp aromatherapy massage with three essential oils.


-Stress management-
It is perfect to help relieve the planning stress and pre-wedding nerves. A tailor-made treatment that includes dietary advice and tips on how to keep your everyday stress levels down.


-Treats from the sea-
If you couldn’t take the newlyweds to The Haven, then take The Haven to the happy couple. The Haven is an official agent for Thal’ion cosmetics. Apart from using Thal’ion products for her facial and body treatments, Louise Tallon has also available for sale an extensive range of these fantastic algae-based products, from body and skin care to tonifying treatments and food supplements.


Thal’ion Laboratories are located in a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve on the coast of Brittany. The company harvests seaweed to extract its natural ingredients and manufactures beauty products directly on site, based on the seaweed’s regenerating and detoxifying properties.


“They are excellent products, very new to the country and they are very good value,” says Tallon. Thal’ion has received several rewards from French authorities.


For more information or advice on treatments and products, you can contact Louise Tallon:


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