Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 60th anniversary in Malta

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh headed for Valetta, in Malta, this week to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.


Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Philip on November 20, 1947, and lived on the island as young newlyweds, before her access to the throne in 1952. The former queen of Malta and her husband will be guests of the Maltese government.


“No wonder she chose Malta as the place to celebrate her wedding anniversary, it’s fabulous – I’m sure if she had had a choice she would have had her wedding there too!” says Rosemarie Meleady, The Wedding Planner (www.theweddingplanner.ie), who organizes weddings on the Mediterranean island.


“Malta is a wonderful location for a wedding. It has the sun, an endless choice of beautiful churches and fabulous outdoor sites for civil ceremonies or outdoor receptions. It offers great value too, but I am sure that wouldn’t have been too much of a concern for the queen when she was planning her wedding!” she adds.