Preparing your Wedding Gift List

Once you have all your wedding plans in place, including the dress, cake and flowers, you will want to prepare your wedding gift list. This is a list that the bride and groom prepare so as to provide their wedding guests with ideas on what sort of gifts the bridal couple would most appreciate. This is not something difficult to do or one that should be embarrassing to the bridal couple as it is a very common occurrence in modern-day weddings. This is because in any event, your guest would much rather give you a gift you will use and cherish for a long time, than one that has no practical use for you. Here's some advice on what to take into account when preparing that list that should see you receive presents that will give you a great start to your marriage.

The wedding gift list may also include the option of a cash gift or wedding gift vouchers, in case your guest does not wish to get you an item that you have included in your gift list. Also make sure you include a range of prices for each gift item on your wedding gift list. This way you may include expensive gifts that will allow your guests to pool their finances and buy them together for you. This would be preferable to their focusing on the cheaper gift items. And you could also be lucky enough to have your guests actually buy the expensive gift item.

It is easy to make a wedding gift list as you may get many ideas by shopping around in stores, browsing through product catalogues as well as surfing the online websites for gift item ideas. If you already have enough on your plate with the rest of the wedding plans, you may delegate the responsibility of the wedding gift list to a friend or family member who will then inform all the guests that they are in charge of the gifts and will remain updated on which purchases of wedding gifts each guest has made for the bridal couple.

If you can spare some extra cash, you may alternatively outsource to a wedding gift list provider which is a company that specializes in the preparation and provision of wedding gift lists. This will reduce the amount of responsibilities on your shoulders and allow you to focus on other wedding preparations.

It is advisable that you have your wedding gift list ready at least 5-6 months before the wedding. This will allow your guests sufficient time to purchase the wedding gifts that you have included in the wedding gift list. Your gift ideas may include household equipment and appliances, champagne, as well as gift vouchers for particular stores, or even vacation vouchers for your honeymoon. Don't be ashamed to include money as a gift option in your wedding gift list, as this will go a long way to helping you buy the larger items that you will need as a new couple, such as your first car or to help you repay your student loans.