Portable Keg Bar is the best choice for any party

North West people like to party but now they can party in the comfort of their own home and still have the luxury of being able to pour an ice-cold draught beer for themselves or their friends thanks to portable Keg Bar.


The Keg Bar is a portable, attractive and affordable, self-contained beer dispensing unit with dual flow cooling system that ensures ice cold beer every time. The unit is ideal for family gatherings, social, charity or corporate events, indeed just anywhere there is a gathering of people who might like a cold draught beer.


According to Stephen Wallace, the Keg Bar is a terrific option for anyone planning a social event, whether that is just a gathering of family or friends right to bigger corporate events. “The number of options seems to be limitless, it really is a terrific option for anyone planning a party or social event”, he said.


One of the big advantages of the tidy keg unit is that it does not require electricity to operate, a feature that means its usage is not restricted in terms of where it can be located.


That of course means that the Keg Bar is exactly what it claims to be – “portable” but what’s more the limitations don’t stop there. “There are a good range of beer choices as well to choose from so customers are not only limited to where they can put the Keg Bar, they also have a choice of what beer they are going to serve”.


Twenty-seven year old Stephen who hails from Derry has worked in the hospitality and catering industries since he left school, said he saw a gap in the market for such a service and said so far things have all been going well.


“We’ve been working on building up the brand name and although this is a new concept in socialising in the north-west the reaction has been very good so far and customers who have availed of the Keg Bar have been delighted with the service we have provided”, he said. According to Stephen not only can customers lease the unit, his company can also supply glasses and for larger gatherings can even provide a member of staff to pull the pints. “Customers can call us on 004477 66492491 and we can sort out what their requirements are, then we go along and set everything for them, it really does take a lot of the hassle out of organising the drinks for any social gathering – large or small”.


Stephen does advise those interested in using the Keg Bar at their function to ring ang book early to ensure availability.


“As people begin to realise the benefits of the Keg Bar it will get even more popular so if you are planning your event it’s advisable to ring now. It will be well worth it when you watch your guests smack their lips in admiration when you serve up the ice cold beer at your party” he concluded.


Contact Details for The Portable Keg Bar Specialist


Address: Co.Derry
Phone: (0044) 7766492491
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Web: http://www.portablekegbar.com
Contact: Stephen Wallace