Planning a Wedding in Las Vegas

Wedding in Vegas

Wedding in Vegas

Las Vegas is a beautiful city that's packed with entertainment every single night of the year. Tourists flock to the city for their fabulous shows, extravagant casinos, exquisite restaurants and the finest hotels. Another feature that the city brags about is their wide range of wedding chapels.

Las Vegas is one of the favourite wedding cities not only because of their first class hotels and wedding chapels, but also because it is ideally situated in the South-west. With a honeymoon in mind, you cannot go wrong with the surrounding landscape. Take for instance the picturesque Grand Canyon, just within twenty miles of the city. A short drive will immediately transport you to a whole different world to start your married life.

So how do you plan a wedding in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas offers many wedding ceremony options. You can have any wedding you dream of, from a small civil wedding, to an elaborate dreamy wedding. The simplest wedding you can have will   be performed by a marriage commissioner, and takes only thirty minutes, at a   costs of $50.

Despite the myth that wedding chapels in Las Vegas are cheap and trashy, there are actually some very grand wedding chapels all over the city. Most hotels and casinos house at least one wedding chapel. These chapels live up to the name of their hotels and casinos, and most are magnificent, elegant, and luxurious.

There are also some themed wedding chapels around the city. You can have an Elvis wedding, a Star Trek and even have a wedding ceremony inside a helicopter while flying over the Grand Canyon!

So first off, choose what type of wedding you would want to have. Next, you should be aware of the weather. If you're planning to have something outdoors, like a flight on a helicopter, you should hold it during the months of June to July.

Planning a wedding in Vegas is as complicated and as basic as planning a wedding in your own city. You need the right weather, friends, and a definite plan.