Planning a Gay Marriage

Planning a Gay MarriageFor most couples, there usually comes a point wherein they decide to take their relationship a little further and opt to tie the knot. When this time comes, and planning is supposed to commence, they find themselves lost and are usually faced with the question, where do we begin? This is especially true for couples of the same sex. However, because same sex weddings are more common nowadays, there is a multitude of resources that can guide them from planning, until making your special day a success.

You may think that your relationship is a bit on the unconventional side, but actually, the core of it is still the same. A wedding is an expression and celebration of your love for each other. However, when it comes to the specifics, there are some items in gay weddings that do not apply in heterosexual weddings. The first item on the list is:

The terminologies- Dos the term “wedding” still apply for gay couples? Yes, of course it does. The term “wedding” is not exclusive for heterosexuals. You may use it if you want, but for states that have not legalized same sex marriage for example, or if you just think that the term is not an accurate reflection of what you share, then you may choose a different word altogether. You may decide to call it a rite of blessing, or commitment ceremony, or any sentimental term of union that you both agree on.

Spread the happy word- Deciding how to announce your engagement and who to tell it to may be slightly different for some. Traditionally, the first people to tell it to would be your parents. However, you should follow your heart and inform those you feel is most supportive of your new decision like your closest friends or siblings before breaking it out to your parents.

Making if official- Not all states have legalized gay marriage. However, a marriage isn’t just about legalizing your relationship, it’s more of a commitment and a promise. You can have a ceremony honouring that. Some couples create an agreement that clearly states their emotional expectations, and then have it notarized.

You be the judge- If same sex marriage is legal in your state, then you have less things to worry about. If it isn’t though, then the person officiating the ceremony need not be as official as what we know traditionally. It can be a close family friend, or someone you highly respect.