Planning a Gay Marriage- Commonly Asked Questions

Planning a Gay Marriage- Commonly Asked QuestionsLike any wedding, same sex wedding preparations include meticulous planning and tireless days to make the special day perfect. Before planning, there are many questions that come.

Should we inform the vendor that it is a same-sex wedding?

If you’re not comfortable with saying that outright when you are still shopping for the right vendor, it’s up to you. If you’ve already chosen one that you think is perfect though, letting them know can bring out streaks of creativity that would not come out in a traditional wedding. If they get a good idea of your personalities, likes and dislikes, and even how you interact with each other, you may be surprised with how personal and unique your wedding can become.

Do we invite family or friends who do not accept our relationship?

This is your wedding, so your comfort and happiness should be the number one priority. If you feel they’ll have a change of heart, or you know that they will value your happiness in the end, go ahead and take the small risk. Just remind yourself, if you know for a fact that the person does not respect or has a problem with your sexuality, then you may not want them to celebrate this special day with you.

Should we design our ceremony to directly address our sexuality?

This could go both ways. There are some who do not want to draw a huge attention on this, while others want to really celebrate the fact. Overall, the ceremony should be a reflection of how you feel for each other. If you feel there are some factors that are relevant for your situation, then include it in the ceremony.

What are the parts that of the ceremony?

There is no specific correct formula for a wedding ceremony. People include what they feel are key components. The traditional vows, exchange of rings, and the sealing with a kiss may be the meaning of a wedding for some, but today, the heart is free to decide.

What do we wear?

This question should not even be asked. You are free to wear anything that fits your style. Your only limitations are the venue and time factors. You may even to go with the matching attire, or separate complimenting outfits.

Who should pay for the wedding?

This is a typical question for weddings, no matter what the sexuality of the couple. Whatever case you are in, you should discuss this beforehand before you go too deep into the wedding plans.