Photography but not as we know it

Trends tend to start in the US and then very quickly make their way over here. In fact, the speed with which we adopt US trends is frighteningly fast. Once we laughed at those West Coast Americans carrying their bottles of water and today in rainy Ireland everyone buys water, and in fact it is only teenagers that buy flavoured drinks.

Then it was the trend for low fat foodstuffs and at first we all laughed but now we all read the labels and order low fat or sugar free over ‘regular’ food.

And if you look at the speed with which the latest diets have crossed the pond from Aitkins to GI to the South Beach diet you wonder how the poor weight watchers crowd has survived at all!

But the latest trend to be reported coming of the US is raunchy wedding shots. Forget the informal reportage shots or even the preparing for the big day photographs that are so beloved by modern brides. Now, the growing trend to photograph the bride in her lingerie before the big day.

Part of the rationale is that the modern bride is toned, groomed, plucked and tanned to within an inch of her life. It is possibly the only time that she will look this good and her lingerie matches. She wants to make sure that man in her life will remember this moment long after the kids have arrived.

Perhaps it is no bad thing. After all, wedding vows have changed, dresses have changes, helicopters are the rage and as for speeches – everyone makes them now. So having a private album of those more intimate shots to share and remember afterwards is a nice thought. Just not to share with aunty Mabel or cousin Jack!