Pet-Friendly Weddings

Many people regard their pets as their best friends and companions. So, it is not too surprising to see animals taking part in a wedding ceremony. If you are thinking of including your animal friends in your wedding, below are some tips that can help you do that smoothly:

Ask If The Venue Allows Pets

Is it a pets-allowed venue? Some venues may or may not allow animals into their vicinities, so it’s best to check beforehand. If your wedding site does not allow pets, you may have to choose between the venue or the inclusion of your four-legged friend.


A wonderful role for a dog would be that of a ring bearer or flower girl. To ensure that you don’t lose the ring, use fake rings and give the real ones to the best man. The rings can be attached your dog’s collar. If you want your dog to be a flower girl, have your dog carry a flower basket through his mouth as it walks down the aisle. To lessen the stress for your pet during the ceremony, make sure that you practice frequently so they could get used to their role. Take your pet to the wedding site and allow them to look it over. This will make them less stressed or fearful during your upcoming ceremony.

Assign a Dog Handler

Since you are the star of the event, you won’t have the time to tend to your dog needs on your wedding day. Make sure that you get a dog handler, someone whom your dog is already familiar with. Do not forget to bring water, food, treats and toys for your pet. Remind your dog handler that the pet should be walked before the ceremony and kept on a leash throughout the ceremony.

Dress Up Your Pet

There are a lot of cute and adorable wedding outfits available for your pets if they don’t mind being dressed up. If your dog hates being dressed up, go for something simple like a bow tie or a collar of flowers.