Pearls- The Perfect Gift For Any Bride

pearlsPearls are the traditional gift of love. No other gem signifies the eternity of love with more warmth than pearls. The gift of pearls is appropriate at all times but never more so than for a bride on her wedding day. Whether natural or cultured, there is a wide selection of choices in pearls to please every taste. Pearls are elegant classics and never out of style. They are the ultimate romantic gem representing a continuous reminder of life’s very best moments; a keepsake sure to add to the fond memory and joys of the wedding day.

Pearls & Their Colours

The very word “pearl” brings to mind other words such as fine, rare and valuable. Pearls that are perfectly round and smooth are the most prized. Valuable pearls are found in nature but they are exceedingly rare. Cultured or farmed pearls make up the vast majority of the pearls marketed. Freshwater pearls grow with in molluscs in rivers and streams. Saltwater pearls grow only inside oysters in lagoons and salt water seas. As previously noted, pearls grow naturally in many colours. South Sea pearls are the colour of the oyster host. They may be pink, white, gold, silver, green, lavender, champagne or perhaps a combination of colours. Black pearls are almost exclusively a result of culturing since they are extremely rare in nature. Pearls may be dyed to a custom colour if desired.

History of Pearls

The history of pearls as a valued commodity can be traced back at least 3000 years. Diamonds are known as the King of Gems and pearls are known as the Queen of Gems. In ancient Greece pearls were believed to bring love. Pearls were considered to be the sacred wedding gem to be given to the bride at her wedding. Pearls have been considered “the gift of love” every since. Pearls have been prized by nobles and the very wealthy for centuries both as jewellery and as adornment sewn into apparel. These displays give rise to the modern practice of sewing seed pearls onto the fabric of the wedding dress.

Why Pearls Make the Perfect Gift for a Bride

Available in various jewellery forms, pearls can be found in the form of an exquisite necklace, bracelet, brooch, ring, earrings and pendants. Not limited to white, other tones of rich, deep colour are also available.

The incandescence and purity of pearls makes them stand out as the perfect bride gift. They add a luxurious final touch to the bridal attire in any chosen form whether as a necklace, earrings or as a pendant with one pearl surrounded by other beautiful gems. Pearls are a valued keepsake sure to add to the memories and joy of the wedding day.

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