Parents kidnap daughter to escape wedding

An American couple faces 15 years in jail after kidnapping their own daughter to keep her from getting married.
Police say Lemuel and Julia Redd, both in their late fifties, went shopping with their daughter on the morning of August fourth. The groom called the police when the bride-to-be didn’t return home that night for a pre-wedding dinner with his parents.
Instead of taking their daughter Julianna back to her fiance, the Redds drove her 240 miles to Grand Junction, Colorado. Utah investigators say they wouldn’t release her until after the scheduled August wedding.
In the end, Julianna and her fiance Perry Myers managed to get married, four days later after they had planned. Authorities decided there was enough evidence to charge the bride’s parents with second-degree kidnapping.
The family hasn’t declared why they had such a strong opposition to the marriage.
Lemuel Redd and Julia Redd are scheduled to make an initial court appearance October 26th. If convicted, they could face up to 15 years in prison and miss their grandchild’s communion since Julianna and Perry are expecting their first child in May.
If they had made it to the ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ maybe the result wouldn’t have been so dramatic.