Overcoming Speech Nerves

wedding photographersFor someone with stage fright and speech anxiety, being tasked to give a wedding speech is tough task. Since it is your loved one who is getting married, you don’t want to offend them or hurt their feelings by saying no to their request.
To help you overcome this, here are some helpful tips you might want to try.


Preparation is key. If you already know that you have a problem with talking in front of a big crowd, solve this by preparing for it. The more you prepare, the better your mindset of the speech is going to be.


Jot your thoughts down. As you prepare, make sure that you write your speech down. Write down how you met and know the couple and your wishes for them and their marriage. You are not expected to memorise your speech, so it would be better and very helpful if you bring a copy of your speech on the event itself.


To make you relax, think of the audience, as your friends and that you are just there to tell a story. Realise that the audience is on your side. They are not there to criticise you. No one is going to dislike you if you stutter or forget what to say. It would also help if you could find methods to relax, such as breathing slowly and deeply. Wedding speeches usually last for three to five minutes, which are really not something worth being very, nervous about. It’s really just about putting yourself into a more positive mindset.

Dress Well

Lastly, wear nice clothes. Wear attire that is appropriate for the occasion.
You’ll be surprised by how powerful clothes are when it comes to boosting confidence. Of course, do not forget to smile as weddings are supposed to be a happy occasion.

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