Once upon a time, there was a wedding

Everybody wants a dream wedding: white, elegant and everything going according to plan. Months, even years, of careful preparations should surely lead to the best fairy tale wedding ever. But sometimes, things can go a tiny bit wrong. Just relax and think that you will have something more interesting to tell your grandchildren. The tale could go like “Once upon a time, there was a wedding”.


The secret for the perfect celebration is definitely good humour. Whatever happens, enjoying the big day is the most important thing. Don’t let anything dampen it. Even the most scandalous disaster can be very funny few months on. What are you going to tell your grandchildren if everything goes according to plan? “We got married, everything was perfect and that’s it”. Everybody needs some good wedding tales.


We all remember the funniest things: someone getting rice thrown up their nose, a tipsy groom, the bride tripping on the dress, grandpa dancing on the table; those things nobody planned.


When my auntie got married I was ten. I remember having great fun running around, but the best thing happened when the bride and the groom were about to leave the party.


We all went outside to see them leave. The groom’s friends had chained a bunch of pots and pans to the back bumper of the groom’s car. The newlyweds tried to get rid of them and head off but there was no way they could manage. The guests were all laughing away.


In the end, the newlyweds got in the car and drove off, but the pots attached to the car made an awful noise. We could also see the sparks coming off the pans as they drove faster. They spent the following morning in the garage, getting the chains cut off, but the whole town new by then they were just married.


“Where to Seat Aunt Edna”, published by “hundreds of heads”, will probably be the perfect book to read before your wedding day. It’s a compilation of anecdotes from hundreds of brides and grooms who have already walked down the aisle. Personal dilemmas, family disagreements, mistakes, accidents all sort of things that could go wrong but they end up being hilarious. It will help you relax before the big day. And remember, whatever happens, just enjoy it!