Noahs ark and other unique wedding gifts

They haven’t got a pair of each species or a vessel to put them all in, but a British couple has adopted 27 species, after requesting zoo animal adoptions as their wedding gifts.


Elephants, bats, tapirs and sealions were some of the gifts on Damon and Joannah Barnard’s wedding list.


The couple had been living together for seven years before tying the knot and didn’t need a traditional wedding list. The animal-loving couple decided they wanted zoo adoptions for Chester Zoo instead of common wedding gifts.


The bride chose most of the animals and ‘went for those that were cute and cuddly’ according to the groom. No reptiles were allowed in their particular Noah’s ark, however the groom ‘manage to squeeze a tortoise on the list’.


The couple has received a free annual membership from the zoo as a thank-you.


If you don’t know what to put down for your wedding list, we give you some ‘unconventional’ ideas:


-Follow the Barnard’s example and donate animals to your closest zoo. If you are an animal lover you can also ask for donations to your local branch of the ISPCA, or organizations like the Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT).


-Charity donations: there is infinity of options. Children’s charities, Cancer research, health charities, local sports clubs, ecology, women’s rights, immigration†¦


-Plant some trees. Good native species for their garden are great and valuable presents. You can help the planet and also the newlyweds with their gardening.


-Donations towards the honeymoon and/or reception.


-Vouchers for hotels or restaurants.


-You could also contribute to other expenses, like photography costs, flowers or even the catering.


-Vouchers for a local DIY centre or furniture store are also useful, as the couple will be need it at some point!


-Cash only presents are also a more earthy but useful option. â‚ ¬100 for a single person and â‚ ¬150 per couple is a good amount.