New fitness concepts for brides and grooms-to-be

Wedding countdowns usually mean a battle against those extra pounds. With so many things to organize, how can you fit exercise into your mad busy schedule?

Fitness Concepts is a leading Irish company providing top end equipment for gyms and leisure centres in Ireland. The company is introducing cutting edge fitness equipment to Ireland. Cybex Trazer, computers that will make you fit, and Body Coach, based on body vibration, are worth a look before your big day.


Grooms will love it. They are the new generation of computer games, just arrived in Ireland, designed to keep you fit while having fun. These interactive virtual world games introduce cardio and neuro-motor workout exercises in a play format.

Cybex Trazer is a stand-up screen connected to a computer. It might look like a conventional videogame but Trazer opens up a new era of ‘active’ computer games, where on-screen activities are combined with physical routines and fitness. It makes the player run and jump, controlling the game with actions and motions.

“Trazer is very easy to use. The game allows people of all abilities to set and achieve goals in a virtual world,” explains Rossa McDermott, managing director of Fitness Concepts.


Body Coach is based on vibration training, which is the easiest and fastest way of modelling and exercising the body. With the Body Coach, you need 80% less time than with traditional training programmes. Training with Body Coach three times per week for around 20 minutes, you will achieve a result that is 20 to 30% better.

Body Coach’s mechanical vibrations are transferred to your body. Due to the stimuli, your muscles are unconsciously and automatically tensed up: this is a ‘stretch reflex’. This activates the muscles 100%, while with other training methods, this is only 60% to 80%. Changing postures, you can train virtually every muscle in your body.

The Body Coach improves muscle mass, muscle tone and circulation; increases mobility and flexibility of muscles and joints, counteracts osteoporosis, strengthens the bone tissue, creates growth hormones and recovery hormones and reduces the chances of injury.

The best news for your wedding workout program: It reduces cellulite and fat!

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