Move over Bradangelina!

With all the excitement over celebrity weddings and ‘will-they – won’t-they’ speculation, it is nice to see that ordinary couples can attract just as much, if not more attention for their own wedding.

John McHugh and Maggie Lee from Milwaukee had planned a quiet intimate wedding for fifty of their closest family and friends. However, they now expect about 4 million at their wedding reception!

The 4 million guests are all courtesy of their local radio station, Sirius Satellite Radio, which is dedicating the entire broadcast to their wedding.

Maggie originally approached Sirius Satellite Radio as they decided not to have a DJ at the wedding but asked the local radio station to play a few special songs. What they didn’t expect was to become the subject of the whole show!

“They e-mailed us back and asked us to send them a playlist, so we sent them our top 10 list,” Maggie said. “Tuesday they called and said, ‘Hey, do you mind if we make this bigger?’”

DJ Lee Arnold will play the couple’s songs and add personalised dedications over the air, according to the radio’s spokeswoman Elise Brown.

“To my knowledge, that’s the first time this has happened in the satellite radio industry,” Brown said. “We just thought theirs was a neat little story.”

The broadcast will be on Sirius’s Standard Time channel, which plays standards and big band music from artists such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme and Glenn Miller.

But we just wonder if the 4 million or so extra guest will give the happy couple a present – what about a whip round of a dollar a listener!