Money Tips

Money matters, especially in relationships. How you spend, save and account for your money may make or break your marriage. According to experts, money is one of the most argued-topics for couples. If you don’t want to end your marriage just because of money, here are some tips you might want to read.

Tip Number 1- Observe Your Partner’s Spending Style

Are you married to a spender or a saver? Does your partner have an extravagant or simple lifestyle? Is your partner a procrastinator when it comes to paying the bills?

If your partner has an excessive lifestyle that doesn’t match your combined income, make sure that this doesn’t go on for too long. To give your partner a clearer idea of your expenses, show him or her a list of how much you need to save and have to spend on every month.

Tip Number 2- Save for the Future and Enjoy the Present

Do not deprive yourself of some shopping and play money. You could use five to ten percent of your income for play. Think of your play money as your reward for your hard work.

Tip Number 3- Divide Financial Responsibilities

Instead of relying on the old-fashioned gender stereotypes or on how much money your partner makes, it is much better to focus on each other’s skills and availability.

Tip Number 4- Read

Read about money and finance when you have time. Websites, books and magazines are great resources that you can use. Increase your knowledge on money matters and learn to apply them in daily life.

Tip Number 5- Make A Wish List

We all have things that we dream of having or places that we plan to go to. Make a list of these things. This can motivate you and your partner to save for the future.

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