Monday, Monday

Some people don’t like Mondays, some don’t seem to mind them and other people just love Mondays. ‘Sex and the City’ fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed she got married on a Monday.

We don’t have any issues with weddings and weekdays but she has also admitted she was wearing black on her wedding day! Now, free-styling it on a Monday is fair enough, but turning up at your wedding as if you are heading to a funeral is a very different thing.

The 41-year old actress has been married to actor Matthew Broderick for the last nine years and has confessed her ‘faux pas’ to Marie Claire magazine. “I wore black on my wedding day, and I really regret that,” she says in the October issue of the publication.

“I was too embarrassed to get married in white, and both Matthew and I were reluctant to have people pay so much attention to us,” Parker adds.

She might be the biggest fashion icon of the newly inaugurated millennium but even Sara Jessica Parker has her ‘bad hair’ days.

Wearing black to a wedding is a definite ‘NO-NO’ unless you are marrying Marilyn Manson. It could even be interpreted as a bad omen for the couple, but up until the 30′s, black was a common colour for brides across Europe. The wedding clothes were nice, new clothes which were later used over and over again. And black was the favourite tone.

Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker will be setting up a trend again and we will all be wearing black wedding dresses in a couple of years.