Material for the Hen Night

Your fellow chicks will probably have known your hen through various stages of her life and so should have lots of juicy tales to tell about her. Are you are bound to have some amusing and embarrassing photos of the star of the show in various guises. Put the word around that you need all the material you can get to prepare for the big night.

There are loads of ways to use all the bits and pieces you collect. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Forfeit Cards: these are essential for your Alternative Hen night and can be personalised by sticking copies of photos on the back of the cards. Then, every tiem you give your hen a forfeit she will have the added pleasure of seeing a picture of herself leering drunkenly at the camera with her doggy 80s perm and pastel wing top (see ‘Forfeits’ chapter for more info).

Place mats: if you’re going out for a meal, blow up photos to A4 size and laminate them. Use you own creations in the restaurant so that all your chicks have a gorgeous picture of their hen smiling up at them. If you feel like putting in some extra effort you could superimpose the heads of your hen and maybe her husband-to-be on to a selection of cheesy full-page magazine ads and laminate these instead. Use a page from a bridal magazine so your hen can have a preview of how she will look on her big day. Or how about using holiday or retirement brochures or, if you fancy, use something a bit more cheecky†¦.

Props: use your photos where you can. If you’re dressing up as Charlie’s Angels then take it literally by making angel wings for your chicks and sticking pictures of your hen on them. If you’re got nowhere else to stick a picture, make badges to wear on your tops. If you are going as Spanish Senoritas, make sure your hen’s face (aged thirteen with bad hair, obviously) is staring out at you when you open your wings.

Games: you can use stories that you have collected in the ways suggested in the Games sections. The juicier the better.

Speeches: while stories are essential to do your hen justice, a few choice photos wil make perfect pros should you decide to make a speech (see ‘making an Alternative Speech’ for more ideas).

Keepsakes: it’s great for your hen to have some pressies to take away with her and if you’re feeling creative make her a keepsake book or photo album. You might want to include reminders of her single days and notorious quotes and memories from her past. Alternatively, go the whole hog and give the hen her very own This is Your Life experience complete with show host and Big Red Book. The more effort you make with this treasured memento, the better, as it will sum up everything your hen has meant to you until now.