Massage the stress away

Treat yourself to a relaxing therapy before the big day. Forget the stress of arranging flowers, sending invitations, choosing music, those extra pounds†¦


Aoibhinn Murray is a trained Reiki and Massage therapist, and a Shamanic practitioner. She offers onsite massage services in Dublin and specializes in various types of healing including Reiki, Vortex Healing and Belvaspata (healing of the heart).


Aoibhinn knows of the benefits of massage as she had used them with acupuncture and energy healing to reduce and finally eliminate her own back pain. She had suffered from chronic back pain for about 12 years. “The body is wonderful it’ll always tell you what you need, you just need to listen to it,” she says.


The benefits of massage therapy are endless. Indian Head Massage uses a compression technique on the neck, shoulders, arms and scalp. It removes muscular tension and stimulates blood circulation, it stretches and mobilizes the tissues of the shoulder and neck. It relieves tension headaches, reduces insomnia and decreases stress and anxiety. It also promotes a feeling of utter well-being.


Aoibhinn offers onsite massage services to many companies’ staff in Dublin. Sigmar, one of the leading professional recruitment companies in Ireland, is one of the firms offering Aoibhin’s services to its employees. The massage sessions aim to eliminate stress and anxiety among Sigmar’s staff.


“Prevention is better than cure. This goes a long way in preventing illness and maintaining a state of well-being. Indian Head Massage is a superb treatment to receive at work where stress is in abundance and time is precious,” explains Aoibhinn.


Aoibhinn’s clients include a five star luxury Dublin hotel and an investment company in the I.F.S.C. She also works at Duke St. Holistic Clinic, just off Grafton Street, and has a second therapy room at Rouge beauty salon in Donnycarney. Her vision is to set up a holistic centre where people can ‘nourish themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually’.


If you think you can’t spare a minute in between working and wedding-planning, bear in mind you could even get a massage at work!


For more information, contact Aoibhinn Murray on: 087-9562320 or [email protected]