Marie Keane’s Soul Purpose – Top Ten Tips for Booking Wedding Bands

1. Good Vib’s! When booking your band, choose one where you have instantly had a good rapport with either their agent or a direct member of the band, this way you will be able to ask them to do anything for you!


2. First Dance – Be Comfortable. When picking your first song, make sure it really means something to you both. Pick something that is easy to dance to as you’ll both be nervous in front of everyone.


3. Videographer Position. When positioning a videographer during the live music, make sure the camera is not beside the stage as your guests won’t want to dance if they think they’re being filmed and it will be a waste of your money.


4. Break – Fast! Insist that your band doesn’t take a break in their set for longer than 15 minutes as the energy and impact from the first set will be lost.
5. PA is the way. Choose a band with their own PA system and instruct them use it on the night. Most hotels don’t have a resident system that will cater for a band’s requirements. Bands with their own system are more reliable and organised.


6. Set the clock early. Get the band to arrive early to allow set up of the PA so that no time is wasted. The best time is during the speeches, which then allows everyone a few minutes to go to the bathroom, have a chat and a cigarette before dancing.


7. Check that Sound! One of the most common complaints is that the levels of the band are too high. Make sure you take the time to listen to a verse and chorus of one song before the band go on, so that everyone is content with the volume.


8. See the show. If you want to book a band that you’ve never seen, get all their showcase dates and make the effort to go and see them. If they don’t have a venue where they showcase, get them to organise a private showing. The live music at your wedding is an important impression on your guests so you need to know what the band is like.


9. Book Quickly. Once you’ve decided on your musical entertainment, book them immediately. A good wedding band will constantly have enquiries coming in and they may not be able to hold your date provisionally for long.


10. Peanuts – Monkeys! It’s the old saying; if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Really experienced, talents musicians will cost more, not extortionate amounts, but if you tighten the budget too much on the music, you will get a band that aren’t as dedicated as you would like.


What Marie Keane’s Soul Purpose can offer you:

1. Nationwide coverage

We travel to all corners of the country.


2. First Dance
We will arrange any song that you wish to request for your first dance.


3. Direct Communication
You will get straight to the band with no delay.


4. Experience & Talent
All members of the band have at least ten years experience in performance and we perform as a group regularly in the Gaiety, 2006 Festival of World Cultures, 2007 Cork Jazz Festival, 2008 Dublin City Soul Festival.


5. A one stop shop
Everything included in the price; two hour set, full PA system and lighting rig, travel, accommodation and in-house sound engineer.


“This band is electric, they really know how to work the crowd!”
Sean O’ Connor, General Manager, The Gaiety, Dublin.


Contact Details for Marie Keane’s Soul Purpose


Mobile: Marie on 086 6049555
Email: [email protected]