Manchester bride takes bus to her wedding

Manchester bride Kirsty Ainsworth chose the most unusual way of getting to a wedding venue these days: public transport.


Ainsworth and her best friend and bridesmaid Lindsey Williamson caused some stir on the Number 10 bus that took the pair to Macclesfield register office, reported the Manchester Evening News.


As her wedding guests were getting into cars and taxis, the bride, dressed in a long white satin wedding gown, waited at the Kingsway bus stop with her bridesmaid for the bus to arrive.


“I did get a few beeps, some waves and quite a lot of funny looks while I waited for the bus,” the bride said.


£3.20 and 20 minutes later, bride and friend arrived to the registry office, where her Spanish fiance, Javier Pascual, was waiting patiently.


The 24-year-old bride wanted to do something unusual on her wedding day, ‘and have a day to remember’.


She was 10 minutes late. If only she investigated car hire companies.


Bus station duty officer Andrew Barnett said “I have never heard of a bride getting on one of our buses.”