Man-made Diamonds

wedding photosWith the ever-increasing technological advancement, anything can be possible, even man-made diamonds. For those looking for an affordable alternative to diamonds, man-made diamonds are a perfect choice. Not only are they equally beautiful but they are also less pricey.

These days, more and more couples are more practical when it comes to wedding jewelry. Some would rather spend more on travel or home furniture rather than buying an expensive ring.

Faux diamonds are a big business. The pearl jewelry industry, for example, made pearls more attainable by women from any social class. Cultured pearls are now as popular as real pearls. With the rising popularity of synthetic diamonds, more and more women will eventually be inclined to opt for beautiful faux jewelry.

Synthetic diamonds go through a rigorous process of making them appear indistinguishable from real diamonds. Makers also see to it that they are as hard, clear and sparkly as diamonds. With the use of advanced technology, it may even be that synthetic diamonds look better than genuine ones.

While moissanite is a natural mineral, it is considered as one of the best alternatives to diamonds. This rare mineral was discovered by Henri Moissan. Since 1998, it has penetrated the jewelry market and has been a great purchase for women who are looking for an excellent jewel, with optical properties which are similar to a real diamond. Because of it is hardness and brilliance; one would say it is a genuine diamond at first glance.

As far as aesthetics go, anyone buying a moissanite or another cultivated diamond would not see any difference. So if you are one of those who are really not into diamonds and would be better off using the money for something else, opt for cultivated diamonds. With their brilliance, clarity and elegance, your jewelry will definitely make a statement.

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