Magic date for your wedding 10.10.10 – LuxUnique can realize it for You

Would you like to get married in one of the most beautiful place of the world,

make your promise to each other in everlasting love and fidelity in the magic
date 10.10.10?


Are you dreaming about an original, class and pretty unique wedding?
LuxUnique will astonish you with exclusive locations or a private yacht reception.


They will add high class details, researched menus, sophisticated set scenes and a little fantasy on your own idea based on the chosen style.


LuxUnique can take care of the whole organization “turnkey event” or just a
single service conceiving and realizing even the smallest whim.


Italy, that takes your breath away with its beautiful sceneries, wonderful
castles and villas, welcoming streets, its thousands years history, arts, without speaking about Italian food, hospitality and friendly citizens – it’s the ideal place for your wedding, which will leave you unforgettable impressions and worm remembers.


Portofino, Santa Margherita, Como lake, Verona, Venice, Florence, Siena and
Never ending Rome†¦ for centuries kept attentions of fine arts specialist, luxury and romantics researchers. Made for everyone, to whom is dreaming to get married in an luxury villa in Italian Riviera, to whom would like to change the style of his own event or to whom prefers privacy and dream about a wedding for two – Italy can offer all of these and much more.


Italian scenarios are the most appreciated ones in the world and our direct
knowledge of almost every exclusive and original location all over Italy, is the
insurance of the highest quality choice possible for your event.
Fascinating places, original and oddball, full of magic and atmosphere: Ancient Villas, Castles, loft, restaurants. The offer is wide and rich, available in every Italian city. You just have to be able to aim to your target and will be beside you on this.


Italy†¦. Here everything speaks about love!


You are still in time: contact LuxUnique right now to book your
wedding on the magic date of 10.10.10 (October, 10th 2010)

[email protected]
or call +39.333.9334020
Who will book his wedding within the 22th of August, will receive a 20%
discount for the wedding planner services.