Macedonia to stop wedding shootings

Weddings can be dangerous. In some countries, there is a risk that you might even get shot at your own wedding. There is not such a thing as a “friendly fire”. That is why the Government of Macedonia is launching a campaign to get people celebrating marriage without shooting.


Shooting in the air is common practise in Macedonian and other Balkan countries celebrations, including New Year’s Eve and weddings. That means accidents caused by firearms during wedding parties are common, turning joyful days into tragedy and drama.
The Macedonian government has launched the campaign “Are you the next one?” to raise public awareness on the issue and reduce incidents caused by gunfire during the summer wedding season.
Even though Macedonia has organized similar public campaigns for other seasons to stop these “friendly shootings”, this specific one is bound to spread a much wider message to the community. Most of Macedonian emigres return home for the summer holidays events but they are not aware the country’s law doesn’t allow celebratory gunfire anymore. Macedonia’s Partnership for Safe and Secure Communities and the Interior Ministry of the country’s Administration are launching this campaign targeting especially those Macedonian emigres going home for family and friends’ weddings.