Looking for some excitement, some flair, some truly uncommon wedding photography?

Instead of static, posed wedding portraits, husband and wife team William Healy & Susan Rimmington offer new and creative techniques to add that updated edge to your wedding album.


William creates the striking images, while his wife Susan manages the studio and much of the technical support. “My photographic style is more contemporary than formal,” said William. “I create storytelling sequences by capturing images and experiences as they happen during the day. I do take the traditional family shots but prefer to focus more on the informal photo opportunities as I feel they project more of the atmosphere of a wedding. I would like to think that if a family member could not attend the wedding – they could browse through the album and visualize the day unfolding as they turn the pages.


Meet with the Couple


“A few weeks before a wedding, I like to meet up with the couple and find out what kind of photographic record they would like. In my experience the most enjoyable weddings are those that are well planned and co-coordinated. Together with the couple, I go through the whole day in advance and using this as a template, I help them design the type of wedding album they require. For example some brides like me to take photos at her home as she prepares for her wedding. Some like me to go to the hairdressers and take a few shots there!”


Style of Wedding Album


They can have a Wedding Album (the style of albums is quite different as they are designed by William and Susan and made to order). Or they can have a Wedding Album (the style of albums is quite different as they are designed by William and Susan and made to order). Or the couple could order an Image Box which is a box of photographic images, each mounted separately on board. A more expensive option is a Printed Book which has selected wedding photos printed in full colour, in book form.




Weddings create significant memories that people want to preserve. All the important players in your life are there, already assembled and in their Sunday best. So your wedding album is an important historical record and as such, it pays to devote some time to creating it.


A good photographer will make your day


A photographer may be with you from the beginning of your day up until you sit to the meal, and often even longer than that, so it is important to get it right! If you work with a good photographer as you plan your schedule he will keep you on track and maximize your enjoyment. Believe it or not, this is in his best interest, as when you are relaxed, your photographs look even better!


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