Longoria knows how to do it

Eva Longoria has announced her fiance Tony Parker will be organizing their French wedding, planned for next summer.

The ‘Desperate Housewives’ star has been branded by some Internet users as a ‘control freak’ and has received criticism for handing over the wedding planning duties to basketball player Parker.

Lads, lads… it is pretty sad thinking a man planning HIS OWN WEDDING should be ashamed of it and assuming wedding planning is a WOMAN’S THING. We are almost in 2007 not the middle ages!

The couple announced their engagement on November 29 and will tie the knot in France next summer, since the groom was born there. The rest of Wisteria Lane’s ‘desperate house-wives’ will be attending the event as well as the groom’s teammates from San Antonio Spurs.

The ceremony is reportedly going to be relatively ‘low key’ as the couple is building a house and they ‘can’t go over budget’.

A reader left this message on the sfgate.com website “it’s rather odd how many of you seem to think she’s manly for letting her husband take the lead in planning the wedding (kind of makes sense, since it’s happening in his native country). And it’s actually refreshing to hear a celeb talk about trying to follow a reasonable budget, given all the money most of them toss around like it’s confetti.”

We can only say one thing: Good for Longoria, she really knows how to do it.