Lingerie for the Wedding Day

Choosing The Right Lingerie For Your Wedding Gown

You’ve found your perfect wedding gown and you look like the fairytale princess of your dreams. But now you have to find your lingerie and you feel the panic start to rise. Where do you start? Ultimately your bridal lingerie is what offers the invisible support that will let your wedding gown stand out.

Find Lingerie for Your Wedding Day and Night

First, you should decide if you will wear the same lingerie during the wedding and during your first night as a married woman. What may be practical and necessary for enhancing the look of your wedding gown may not give the desired look once the gown is removed. It is very important that your bridal lingerie complements and enhances your wedding gown. You may have to opt for two separate sets of lingerie for your big day, one to enhance the gown and provide the support required underneath and one for later that is visually pleasing.

Buy Undergarments before Your Dress is Altered

Always wear your wedding day undergarments to each of your dress fittings as this may affect the fitting or overall look of your dress. There is no shortage of options and you should be able to find something that works for your gown’s style. Buy undergarments that are supportive without being uncomfortable. It won’t matter if your waistline looks tiny if you pass out from lack of air supply. Be practical when you choose your undergarments for the wedding day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Something Racy for Your Wedding Night

What you choose to wear on your wedding night depends on your own tastes and fantasies. You may choose to go for a more traditional style with a demure bridal bustier, panties, thigh highs, lace topped stockings and a garter belt. This type of lingerie gives excellent coverage and support and a touch of elegance. If you aren’t the traditional type, you may prefer to go for a racier, sexier alternative. Women today have dozens of lingerie options, and many choose to wear more erotic lingerie pieces under their bridal gowns. This can help you feel confident and sexy throughout the day and more daring and adventurous once you are alone with your new husband. Some pay homage to more traditional bridal pieces by wearing novelty or quirky items like thong panties which are covered with a veil.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

Traditionally the colour for bridal lingerie is white. White symbolizes innocence and a traditionally, it meant that a woman was a virgin. With societies ever-changing changing morality and once again all the options available to brides today, many opt to forgo the traditional white and choose instead to go for more daring colours. Black is a popular colour for today’s brides. Some enjoy wearing the outward symbol of innocence in the white wedding gown, with sexier black undergarments. This is sure to grab your new husband’s attention!

No matter which undergarments you choose, make sure you spend as much time and effort in choosing them as you spend on other elements of your wedding. Your lingerie and undergarments plays an integral part in how you will look and feel on your big day and your first night with your new husband.

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