Laser Eye Surgery… What’s it all about?

Laser Eye Surgery has become increasingly popular in the last ten years and owing to medical breakthroughs and advancements in technology – it is no longer just for celebrities such as Tiger Woods or Richard Branson. With more people opting for this treatment Optilase answers the most popular questions we get from patients.


1. What are the benefits of Laser Eye Surgery?
Optilase has helped thousands of patients achieve fantastic results from eye laser surgery. One year after treatment over 95% of people with low to moderate prescriptions are able to pass a driver’s license vision test without corrective lenses. There is the convenience of not constantly having to ensure you have a supply of contacts or pack your glasses/prescription sunglasses everywhere you go. There are savings associated with having no glasses or contact lenses. Imagine not having to update your glasses to match the latest trends or not having buy contact lenses every 3-6 months.


2. Am I a candidate for laser eye surgery?
At Optilase we recommend booking a consultation with one of our highly qualified optometrists to determine if you are a suitable candidate for eye laser surgery. 90% of people with a stable prescription are suitable for this procedure, however there are certain criteria that must be met; this will all be fully discussed at your initial consultation.


3. How safe is Laser Eye Surgery?
At Optilase we use the most technologically advanced equipment available for laser eye surgery. It is an extremely safe procedure, with over 22 million procedures carried out world wide. We voluntarily adhere to the strict regulations laid down by the UK Healthcare Commission. Our surgeons are registered with the Irish Medical Council and specialise in ophthalmology.


4. Does it hurt?
The treatment is performed using anaesthetic drops to numb the eye. Most patients experience little or no discomfort during the procedure. Following the surgery, depending on which treatment you opt for the eye can feel a little gritty afterwards, but nothing to cause alarm.


5. I’ve heard about Wavefront treatment-what is this?
Wavefront technology works by taking a high resolution map of your eye- that is as unique to you as your fingerprint. It is the most up-to-date technology on the market and studies have proven that the results are more effective following a Wavefront treatment.


6. When can I go back to work?
At your initial consultation there will be a number of options discussed with you. Your decision will determine how soon you can go back to work. With the LASIK treatment we recommend taking 3 days off work, for the LASEK treatment we advise taking 5 days. Weekend surgery is available to minimise the amount of time away from work.


7. How much does Laser Eye Surgery cost?
Optilase do not charge according to your prescription, there are two prices – a Premier treatment costs â‚ ¬995 per eye, while a Wavefront treatment costs â‚ ¬1695 per eye. This will cover your complete care, before, during and after your surgery.


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