John Ryan – Wedding Photographer

In just five years John Ryan has gone from taking disposable camera pictures to photographing the most publicised Irish wedding in the last decade and is still standing by his policy of capturing people naturally, in that perfect moment. “From the time I arrive until the time I leave I’m just trying to make people laugh and have some craic and get the best shots I can. I think that’s what produces the perfect picture for a wedding album. A natural look that really expresses the atmosphere of the day is my overall aim for the couple and the day.”


With both Kodak’s wedding photographer of the year 2004 – 2005 title and Irish Professional Photographer’s Association’s best wedding album of the year 2005 under his belt it is no wonder that John is in demand. “I’ve only been up and running for five years and I only became a Photographer by chance. It’s crazy, but I really love what I’m doing.”


After photographing a friend’s wedding, fate took hold and before long the professional Photographer Peter Barrow was persuading John to buy a proper camera and get into the photography business. “In 1999 I began my business and started photographing full time. Then in 2000 I set up my studio and things have progressed from there up to today.”


Although during five years of business one wedding in particular is going to stand out in John’s mind as “The Big One”. “Doing Nicky Byrne and Georgina Ahearn’s wedding in France was always going to be an amazing experience. Being part of something on that scale terrified me but not doing it was never an option. That event was about as close to a royal wedding as Ireland will ever come.” This wedding opened numerous doors to John and he has since worked with Brian Kennedy, Cecilia Ahearn, members of Picture-house and Bertie Ahearn.


John’s primary concern is to give the customers what they pay for. “I’d love to branch out nationally or internationally but then I’d have to hire more photographers and I couldn’t call my company John Ryan Photographers because you wouldn’t be getting John Ryan’s photographs. My company’s uniqueness lies in my uniqueness. When I do family portraits I position the family then I make them laugh. I make a joke, slag something off, or indulge in some “happy abuse” (Gentle Mockery!). The pictures look 100% better when the people are genuinely laughing or smiling. I won’t allow any forced grins in any of my photographs!”


“Weddings are fantastic to photograph because there is always an ambiance to capture and although the same things happen at each wedding the people are what make all the weddings memorable, distinctive and special.” This is the attitude that has served John and his company so well and will keep both soon-to-be couples and celebrities employing him to photograph their event, record a memory or simply take some photos and entertain!