Is the country suffering Competitive Wedding Syndrome?

According to a UK survey, 59% of British brides are more worried about impressing their guests than the actual marriage commitment. That means more that half of British brides suffers from Competitive Wedding Syndrome, a bridal version of ‘always try to look better than your neighbour’.

Award winning wedding planners TK Weddings have carried out a survey on British wedding spending habits and they have found out bling weddings are not Jordan and Posh’s territory anymore. A wedding is costing Britons an average of  £60 per minute. Ireland doesn’t want to look like the poor neighbour and couples are spending up to 50,000â‚ ¬ in their big day, according to The Irish Independent.

But are you suffering from ‘Competitive Wedding Syndrome’?

‘Competitive Wedding Syndrome’ is the urge of outdoing any other wedding, aiming at being the best event ever and usually carrying an important factor, overspending.

But expensive weddings don’t necessarily mean stylish receptions and ceremonies. What some might call ‘extravaganza’ for most might just simply be ‘tacky’ and tasteless.

Before you start planning your wedding, relax and set a budget with a style line, instead of following mainstream shopping craze. Hiring a wedding planner might also help you keep your feet down in this planet.

Competitive Wedding Syndrome only will lead you to stress, arguments with your partner and debt. At the end of the day, unless you turn up naked or give the guests 100â‚ ¬ notes as a favor, people have seen it all! Try to impress yourself, instead of your guests.

And always bear in mind a dream wedding shouldn’t be about money but about you. And having a celebrity reception doesn’t mean it will make you happy. Look at Sir Paul McCartney†¦Beatles were being wise when they sang that tune ‘can’t buy me love’.