How to Select Bridesmaid Dresses

bride-dressIf you are about to become a bride, shopping for the bridesmaid dresses can prove to be a very complicated factor in planning your wedding. How is the bride supposed to find gowns for her bridesmaids that can show off her personal taste, as well as look attractive on all of the bridesmaids in the end?

The styles and colours of dresses available can be mind boggling. If the bridesmaids vary greatly in size, then some might not look good or feel comfortable in flattering gowns. If some of the bridesmaids are older, they may wish to opt for more sophisticated gowns than the younger ones. Having said that, the bride also needs to worry about picking dresses that will match each bridesmaid’s hair colour, skin tone, and figure.

Choosing bridesmaids’ gowns is definitely a challenge, but it is entirely possible. Ideally, brides will place the gown orders around four months before the actual wedding to give ample time for alterations, shoe shopping and other accessory shopping. It would be helpful for the bride to search for these gowns with one of the bridesmaids who shares her personal taste. However, it is the bride who should make the ultimate decision on which gowns to buy.

Consider the Bride’s Gown

First and foremost, the bride needs to decide on the style, fabric, and formality of her own wedding gown. It is of the utmost importance that none of the bridesmaid dresses clash or overpower the bride’s gown. If your wedding gown is classic and simple, the bridesmaids’ gowns would look great with some basic detailing. Focus on dresses that accentuate the bridesmaids’ silhouettes with minimal details, such as halter tops or straight gowns with basic beading and straps. These simple styles will look great in pictures. Ensure that each gown is made with good construction and good fabric since bridesmaids will be required to walk, dance, and run errands on the wedding day.

Pick a Great Colour

Next, the bride must choose the colour of the gowns by looking through colour swatches at the bridal shop. The majority of dress manufacturers make bridesmaids dresses in a wide variety of colours, so picking the actual gown colour can narrow down the number of styles to choose from.

Consider Body Types

The bride must also take consideration of all of the figure types and size ranges of her bridesmaids. Most bridal parties consist of several full-figured women and if this is the case with your wedding, you will want to choose a gown style that the bigger women will not mind wearing. Some plus-sized women won’t mind wearing strapless gowns, but many would still prefer to have at least a shawl or short sleeves.

Typically, smaller girls are comfortable wearing any style. A-line styles and two-piece styles with tops that go all the way done to the hips look amazing on practically anyone.

The look of the bridesmaids is never complete without the perfect accessories and shoes. Shoes can be found in various styles with fabrics that can be dyed to match their gowns. Clear vinyl shoes in the form of strappy sandals are also popular, especially if the colour of the ribbon straps can be changed. Having bridesmaids wear matching elbow or wrist gloves can give the entire wedding a more sophisticated touch, while matching jewellery sets of pearls or rhinestones can also enhance your bridesmaids’ look.
With so many choices available for bridesmaid gowns nowadays, all of your wedding attendants are sure to be happy with the ultimate results and will not mind sharing the joy with the new and happy couple.

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