How to plan your dream wedding and not break the piggy bank

Having a dream wedding doesn’t need to be a nightmare to your bank balance. Get pen and paper, we help you plan your dream wedding on a budget. Only good taste is required!


Top tips to plan your dream wedding without breaking the piggy bank:


-Always stick to the budget!
Allow a little fluctuation in the prices but stick to your original budget. Overspending and/or getting in debt will definitely ruin your day. This is the first and most important step.


-Design your plan.
A plan and a budget should be always inseparable, that means, there is no good budget without a good plan.


Hiring a wedding planner might be the right solution for you. It might even save you money apart from just time and headaches. Wedding planners are professionals after all and they will stick to the budget agreed before hand.


If you want to do it yourself or can’t afford hiring a wedding planner, don’t forget to keep an organized record of suppliers, compared prices, names, contact details†¦


- Time.
Weeks, months or years. Give yourself plenty of time to get your wedding planned. This will be essential, as it will allow you to compare prices and talking to different suppliers without panicking.


- Browse the web and go to the library.
There are fantastic books and magazines specialized on weddings: Wedding Irish Style, Confetti, etc†¦ as well as great websites (like!). Browse and flip through them to get an idea of what you want before actually contacting suppliers. You will save money, time and energy by doing this.


-Summer weddings are cheaper!
Starting with the gowns and following with the food and flowers†¦ Summer and Spring weddings are more affordable.


Sun and heat always require simplicity. Food is always lighter in the summer too, and there is a whole range of locally sourced flowers to ornate your reception.


-Replace sit down meal for buffet.
Specially in Summer, weddings where the party goes outdoors, being able to mingle around instead of a more formal sit down dinner could save you few euros and help people interact.


-Keep an eye on the tap.
Open bar is a dangerous game. In one hand, you are encouraging people to drink more, which might end up in disaster. In the other hand will drain most of your budget. Put a limit on the bar, so you will not overspend in drinks and will help guests behave.


Keep it simple. Simplicity and good taste are the perfect combination for a smart reception, minimalist and classy. Apply this principle to flowers, decorations and other arrangements.